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TC700 Video One

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Purchasing My First 'Mini Baler'

It is 1999 and I have just discovered TSI's TC700 Baler. I contacted Randy Kindel (in those days that meant a 'telephone call'). Priced less than a quarter of the other machines, I made my first Baler purchase. Within the week, I was accepting delivery of my first shiny TC700 Baler (for which I could soon coin the term 'Mini Baler').

Today, thirteen years later, I own 11 TC700 and TC710's. As one member of TSI put it, I am their 'biggest small customer'. Because of this machine, I was able to expand my recycling endeavor and have opened other recycling centers in Southern California and as far away as the Central Coast of California. I have become friends with numerous members of the company. They have elicited my comments on their Baler and made modifications on the basis of my experience with the machine. Based solely on my belief in the Baler, for several years I have attended many of their trade shows testifying to the efficiency of the machine.

TSI often refers customers to me to answer 'hands on' questions and I am happy to respond. I eventually became an authorized distributor servicing the Pacific West Coast and have hopes of extending services to Latin America.

Give Ron Carroll a call - 909.374.3926 - or email him